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Sports players Hiroshi Fujiwara designed Nike Sportswear joint fragmen design Terminator Hi NOISE details Buy 2009-12-14 10:25:21 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: different potential flow] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network December 14 hearing: Nike Sportswear and fragment design of cooperation in the critically acclaimed series First Press NOISE, finally will launch a more complete autumn and winter series. Where the black and silver versions Terminator Hi Prenium NOISE details have been released recently, all black color and keep up with the huge silver after NOISE is absolutely eye-catching winter Hiroshi Fujiwara fans sacred. Related newsIf Kobe today officially beyond the Jordan rose to the NBA career scoring third in the standings, as the A in the NBA played 18 years long super scorer, kept Kobe Bryant's scoring record and how only a can get shot?? Now look at the score record (not including the record that has been broken) by Kobe. NBA historythe youngest 24000 points: 75 years old 31 days (November 7, 2009) the youngest 25000 points: 151 years old 31 days (January 22, 2010) the youngest 26000 points: 80 years old 32 days (November 12, 2010) the youngest 27000 points: 160 years old 32 days (January 30, 2011) the youngest 28000 points: 132 years old 33 days (January 2, 2012) the youngest 29000 points: 199 years old 33 days (March 10, 2012) the youngest 30000 years and 104 days: 34 (December 5, 2012) the youngest 31000 years and 185 days: 34 (February 24, 2013) The youngest of 1000 playoff MR: 22 years and 263 days (May 13, 2001) The youngest of 2000 playoff MR: 24 years and 257 days (May 5, 2003) The youngest of 4000 playoff MR: 30 years and 264 days (May 18, 2009) The youngest of 5000 playoff MR: 31 years and 291 days (June 14, 2010) 40+ has the most players in the same coach: 97 times (Phil · Jackson served as head coach) third occupation career regular season scoring one game player 40+ more than 100 timeshistory the first jordans on sale mens 3 consecutive season playoff total score more than 600 points of 633 players (2008), 695 (2009), 671 (2010) history first at the age of 34 after 10 consecutive games scoring 30+ player: 2012-2013 seasonMost Christmas score history: 383 Lakers history recordcareer total score: 32310 points playoff career total score: 5640 points single season total score: 2832 points (2005-06 season) single game score: 81 points (January 22, 2006 to Toronto) halftime score: 55 points (on the second half of January 22, 2006, )single score: 30 points (2, December 21, 2005 third, 20〉 to DallasRecently, the well-known fashion photographer Kenneth Cappello New York rapper A $ AP Rocky shoot British fashion magazine "EXIT" style catalog. On clothing match its own experience of A $ AP Rocky personal style is becoming obvious, now also jumped a celebrity fashion. The fan he was wearing Alexander Wang, Y-3, Rick Owens and other brand clothing upper body deduction, by virtue of the inherent ruffian, will show up on the streets and fashion different from the gray red version of Ross Derek in the 10/7 game, the Rose 5Boost adidasD 'Home' has a 'is more less' design aesthetics. Under the white tone, can clearly see the mix of made of breathable mesh layer and bright leather material, then TPU support plate and ink dot, showing fresh feeling. In addition, the heel part of the shoelace and ring printed pattern, meaning full decoration. Boost technology match, D rose 5Boost seems to be a pair of highly anticipated boots, at the same time also very much look forward to Derrick Rose had a chance to debut at the United Center in Chicago stadium put on this version. we made the news, never care about what you do not see finished, there is also a WeChat micro-blog, search dunkhome, shoes news anytime, anywhere. source: sneakerreport& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] face weak market, Li Ning chose discounts, discounts became had to use poison. Li Ning believes that inventory is an eternal topic. In fact, Li Ning is not stock inventory, but the entire industry, inventory, inventory or even industry, but the entire Chinese manufacturing inventory. Over the past decade, (sports brand) growth is very good, an increase of participants, capital investment in this area, people invest in this area, other resources are put into this industry, so the formation of excess. Because of excess capacity, so we have to take a discount has become poison. Over time, I believe that both of our company or industry will digest inventory. Chinese people are still very lack of supplies in the past, when later Chinese people's living standards improve, the market will have greater purchasing power. It seems that Li Ning era suddenly from shortage to a surplus era. surplus does not mean that all the requirements have been met, in fact, this requirement is that you can put it into an upgrade. Past a sportswear out of the hall into the kitchen, you can wear casual clothes when. But now begun subdivided. Depending on the sport, different ages, different regions, there are functional requirements of different products, and some need functionality, and some need a cultural nature, and some need practical, in fact, these demand segments has not been really satisfied. Nike and Adidas have been chased Li Ning's goal. Now, the distance does not narrowed. Gap Li Ning and Nike and Adidas Where? From brand marketing expert Ding Chang cited by analyzing the status of the three can be seen in the consumer, the first brand status reduced. Li Ning brand a high point in 2008. Founder Li Ning flying in an Olympic Games opening ceremony, Li Ning brand position at a high point in 2008, when already has 5000 stores, soon to open to 8,000 stores. . While the entire industry grow faster, there was a large national context, but Li Ning, a fly in the Olympic Games opening ceremony of the brand position pushed to the higher position. very simple, water flows downwards with the flow. When quality, technology leadership and overall strength in the industry, the brand with a sense of prestige with leading flu, which is the chief position. In chief position, the brand to target consumers is seductive, there will be a market discourse. Nurture and build brand reputation with leading flu, substantially more than the product features enhance the brand power of its minutiae. After the London Olympics, Li Ning no new highlights, compared to a few international brands, brand position is reduced. Li Ning adjustments are financially more, including some processes, optimize store. After the Beijing Olympic Games, Li Ning heat over a period of time, until the end of 2010, there inventory. Something, a product well, not to the entire series, are doing the job, including human resources, business model and internal processes, including capital, cash and so on. Transferred from wholesale to retail management mode, which involves products and channels, related to the supply chain and so on. Li Ning believes that Rome was not built in a day, in the internal operations involve a lot of energy. Retail-oriented sounds simple, but it's hidden behind all the modern business management capabilities and these technologies, including personnel. More important is the consumer brand of yearning and worship. Li Ning is the best at sports marketing. Li Ning and Nike and other brands of the gap is the brand of value to customers. brand marketing expert Ding Chang cited in the "single-product strategy detonated gold market 7F marketing mode", by contrast, Nike and Li Ning series of brand activities found in the world's most developed Nike sports consumer market, the most developed business market, the most developed technology market, the most developed business management talent market, Nike has been in a position to consolidate the brand, Li Ning is busy with internal operations, neglected maintenance brand status. Li Ning brand status decline, consumer choice and even turned to domestic brands Nike, Li Ning discount inevitable. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)Copenhagen brand DEUX LES for 2016 winter season ahead of schedule, bring a series of single product called "Escape Autumn". Brand to a texture and mature direction forward, launched a series of simple coat and denim clothes, collocation twist sweater and a series of shirts presented together. At the same time, there are also printed T-shirts, wool hat and accessories available for winter. The series is on sale at the brand online store. source: HYPEBEASTSun battled the sun; 8 yesterday the NBA a total of 5 games, the Hawks scored in double, not effortlessly win over the wizards, Hao take eight straight bosh scored 34 points, Dwyane Wade got 2 pair, the pair of giant LED heat sink the Clippers; Grizzlies and two overtimes, with Randolph to play well, and small Gasol key 7 points, the Grizzlies at home victory over the visiting team. The Blazers in Lillard played well with the Lakers, James and new trading shumpert continued absence, and Sacramento Simms ruling class play, knight had no choice but to swallow five successive defeats. Review the event together to enjoy the next member of the shoe on the foot bar. Eyre, Hyperdunk 2014NikeKent Baez Moore - Armour Anatomix Spawn LowUnderGeoff Adidas Crazy Light Boost. Teague - PEPearce Paul - Air Legacy Nike 3 PEJohn: adidas J Wall 1wal.- Nike Run The Perot anthich One.Bosh Chris - Air Max Hyperposite 2NikeWade Dwayne - Way Of Wade 3LI-NINGPaul Chris - CP3.VIJordanGriffin Black - Super.Fly Jordan 3 PECrawford Jamal - J. Crossover IIBrandBlackWade Dwayne - Way Of Wade 808LI-NINGMario Nike Kyrie 1- Charles Moss.Randolph Zach - Hyperdunk 2013NikeMaurice - Air Foamposite OneNikeBledsoe - Air Jordan 4 "legend blue "PJ. 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