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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the face of new market trends and business rules, marketing is king, Nike had to actively adjust the business community There is a quite interesting phenomenon: the decline because of a lack of opponents or because of the strong and powerful opponents. Nike latter. Adidas and Reebok combined not only did it look born of confidence, but it provoked a more vigorous fight. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at the beginning, it is proposed to the 2011 revenue to increase to $ 23 billion, and in three years in the world to open 100 new stores. ? Took office less than two years, Nike CEO Mark Parker undisguised said: "Leading is what we do best." Nike September 20 announced a first-quarter report from another angle reflects the sportswear giant's strength. The report shows that Nike quarter net income increased 51 percent to $ 569 million. Even without considering the Nike transfer of power last year just ending unrest and foreign aggression from Adidas, this performance can be considered quite good. If we are innovative, we can lead does not mean that there is no strong opponents and challenges. Since the 1980s, the charm of the achievements of Michael Jordan Nike this "king of basketball shoes." Today, however, Jordan old men. Whether in urban or rural areas, the Jordan brand sneakers attractiveness is waning, despite the beginning of the launch of the rocket, Jordan (Air Jordan Retro) live up to expectations, but later launched Nike Jordan shoes have to part with a very high discount to sell out. Nike hopes to identify it as NBA star thermal Buren? James (LeBron James) can help smooth out their own Jordan era. In 2003, Nike announced the payment of $ 90 million over 10 years to the US basketball team Cleveland Cavaliers (Cleveland Cavaliers) promotional basketball shoes. However, although the latest Zoom LeBron IV basketball shoe sales situation is good, but the star of the endorsement of James's style is difficult to look after all the item back then Jordan. Of course, this is partly because, with the diverse forms of entertainment, compared to today's NBA with Michael Jordan era popular, its appeal has gone down. In addition, Nike's rival places low-cost strategy, must we press on. For example, a named Steve? Barry's discount clothing chain store sales of a basketball shoe, selling only $ 14.98 per pair. It is said that in August last ye cheap air jordans ar after the launch, only four months its sales reached 3 million pairs. competitors initiatives may be able to temporarily put aside aside, however, when a new trend is already taking shape, the contrarian business even if lucky enough not to be swallowed up trend will certainly also suffer Nike is very clear on this point. According to the US, a market research firm said that the US low-cost sneakers (under $ 50) market over the past two years increased by nearly 9%. Cheap sports shoes sales now account for more than half of the US athletic footwear market sales. In addition, in recent years the United States basketball shoe industry also appeared overall decline - decline last year reached 16%. Nike's revenue in the US market about 30-40% created by the basketball shoe business. Currently, in the United States more than $ 100 price per pair of basketball shoes, about 95 percent of Nike shoes. Obviously, these trends can not be disregarded Nike. If we do not take effective measures to deal with Nike's dominance in danger of losing. In response, Nike has been very clear ideas. It hopes to vigorously explore the potential of China and other overseas markets have to reduce dependence on the US market; the other hand, the adjustment of product line, increase product innovation and prudent expansion of middle and low market, adapt to new trends and to tap new opportunities. In FY08 ended by the end of August of this year's first quarter, Nike's revenue in the US market grew by only 2%, while growth in the European market has reached 16 percent, the Asian market is growing more fast, reaching 22%. This speed thanks to Nike's aggressive in the market such as China and India. It is reported that Nike quarter revenue in the Chinese market grew by about 50%. Currently, the international market accounted for 60% of total revenue, Nike, 51% of profits. It is expected that its sales in China are expected to step onto $ 1 billion. China will become the Nike after the United States market, the second largest market. In addition, Russia, India and Brazil are also high hopes for Nike overseas markets. Despite Nike's ambitious, some analysts are still skeptical. They believe that Nike now accounts for a dominant position in the US market is very difficult to continue to achieve rapid growth. The spirit of sport is the ultimate challenge, Nike naturally understand this. Mark? Pa Cheap jordans online rker said Nike is one of the competitive advantages of the breadth and diversity of its business. However, in order to achieve growth targets, Mark? Parker after he took office also had to Nike brand and product line to adjust. Mark? Parker on September 21, said Nike is considering the sale of its subsidiary resistant Kebao Er hockey supplies. The subsidiary's main business is the production and sale of hockey, apparel and equipment, and roller skating sports balls and other equipment. Several other brands such as Nike Golf, Converse, Cole Haan, Exeter and Hurley also have to be re-examined. Nike executives said, although such a decision is difficult, but some brands have been with Nike's long-term development plans do not coincide, it is necessary to "ton output capacity." face basketball shoe market (mainly the United States market) saturation, Nike product line has expanded to include soccer clothes, running sportswear, women's training and fitness apparel. Mark? Parker, Nike has been restructuring operations in the United States as soccer, basketball, running, training six departments male, female fitness and sports culture. Prior to this, Nike's business is divided into footwear, apparel and equipment three categories. At the same time, Nike also actively to the low-end development. Earlier this year, Nike invite soccer star Brandi? Cai Princeton (Brandi Chastain) and Hope? Solomon (Hope Solo) and volleyball star Logan? Tom (Logan Tom) appearances in New York, released a new brand Tailwind (wind) - a brand for women consumers. Currently there are six kinds of styles of the brand, with prices ranging from 19.99 to 34.99 US dollars. Previously, because of high prices and Nike Nike brand focused on sports and alienated low-end consumers. Nike Tailwind gave an opportunity to attract these consumers. ? In this regard, Mark Parker said: "If we are innovative, we can lead." Power marketing machine Nike factors known to be good at marketing. However, this moment, the face of some trends may have a significant impact on its future survival, the marketing is king, Nike also had to make significant adjustments. Nike executives have publicly expressed the hope that by 2010 the world's dominant supplier of soccer apparel, so a direct challenge to the status of Adidas sportswear in the football market. To this end, Nike marketing aspects of the large investments. Nike ma cheap foamposites de within 10 years of the German Football Association to provide $ 778 million, sponsored by the German national soccer team. The trick for Adidas in terms, like "black tiger dig heart," because Germany is not only Adidas headquarters, and Adidas have long or the German team sponsor. sponsored by the German national team is only part of the Nike marketing change. In fact, Nike's other innovations in marketing or striking visible. Hidden behind these changes is the destruction of the old business rules and new business rules are constantly being established. In recent years, the digital revolution, the right to speak consumers greatly. Nike CEO Mark? Parker opinion, driven by the digital consumer landscape is reshaping the retail industry, and now the power rests in the hands of consumers. To do this, Mark? Parker believes Nike and other consumer brand companies need to adjust to the new market trends. He said: "Consumer's influence has never been so strong, they have more choices and access to these selected channels, power has clearly shifted to the hands of consumers." In view of this situation, Nike has made a "consumer decision" strategy, indicating you want to focus on creating competitive strategies of personalized consumer experience. To this end, Nike first product was further subdivided. September this year, Nike released a specific Native American Indians sneakers Air Native N-7. According to Nike said, this product is based on the company's research base on the Indian foot structure designed, it is wider and taller than the average sports shoes. In the marketing strategy, Nike have also been targeted adjustments, such as further subdivided marketing target consumer group. Before Nike managers generally believe that 18-year-old to 22-year-old is the same kind of consumer group. Now, Nike gave up before bundling marketing approach and preference will be subdivided into different markets according to the age and interests of these consumers. In addition, it is also based on the characteristics of the digital revolution, opening up new marketing tool. It is reported that Nike has been designated AKQA company Nike in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the United States and Canada global digital marketing advertisers all football-related online marketing advertising. Nike and Apple's cooperation is considered to be a flash in the pan Nike innovation. ?? 2005, jordans on sale mens Mark Parker to Apple CEO Steve Jobs called and Steve Jobs to make a bold idea: Nike running shoes with Apple's popular iPod digital music player It is combined. Also known for innovation and marketing of Jobs and Mark? Paz hit it off. In close collaboration with the two companies, the Nike launched Nike Plus. This is actually a miniature wireless sensor increases, the length of time running automatic monitoring, distance and calories consumed and other conditions in Nike running shoes and sends this information to iPods, so that consumers who have iPods can be clearly understanding of their movement. vice president of global brand and product category management Nike Trevor? Edwards said, Nike Plus the real world and the digital world combines. Many people think that this is Nike's marketing innovation. In fact, this product innovation has blurred the boundaries of innovation and marketing innovation, is the combination of the two. It is above all a product innovation, but at the same time, because it is leveraging Apple for the iPod has a wide audience of users, also called marketing innovation. According to market research company's data, last year's Nike running shoes in the US market share rose by 47.7%, which has a great relationship with Nike Plus launch. Nike's own survey also showed that 35 percent of Nike Plus is the first time users to buy Nike sneakers. The company's goal is to make the world's 100 million runners in 15% use Nike Plus. Meanwhile, Nike has also seized the opportunity to digitize the rise, and vigorously carry out include print media, mobile, retail and network marketing combination of three-dimensional marketing. In the company's marketing in the UK market, for example, according to Nielsen Media Research data, Nike in the UK market 9.2 million pounds advertising, about 269,000 invested in the Internet, the next year the proportion will rise further. Mark? Parker aggressive marketing campaign is reminiscent of Nike founder and current chairman of the Knight of Nike. Knight tenure at Nike through the generous sponsorship of sports and sports stars such as Michael to win big? Jordan and Tiger Woods and other endorsements to expand its brand influence, was a great success. Of course, Nike natural and ultimately "costly." Early in fiscal 2005, Nike advertising costs as high as $ 1.6 billion. It is in this context, we hope to strengthen financia jordan 3 katrina 2018 l discipline in a certain degree of Knight from outside the company attracted a succession Perez. Unexpectedly things as people would like. Peres took office trying to cut advertising expenses of measures to control costs. However, he apparently with Nike and Knight Marketing is king thought there is a conflict, so as Knight will not be tolerated, and ultimately had to rush from Perez and hurried away. Mark? Parker naturally very clear lesson Perez, so he no unambiguous on ad spending. Over the past two years, Nike proportion of its annual advertising revenue of around 11.7%. However, all these can guarantee whether Mark? Parker successfully achieved the goal? Some analysts are skeptical. They pointed out that if Nike's revenue to reach $ 23 billion in 2011, the average annual growth rate should reach around 9%. The problem is, the larger the enterprise, the greater the friction of its advance. It would be like Nike had to face the challenge. although 2016 is MT580 Benming years, new balance nor forget the affection of 9 series fans, has just launched the joint 9956 shoes launched with Singapore well-known female shoe P.V.S. Is the cooperation in the use of classic 996 slender shoes vamp filled with ink strokes, to the French impressionist painter Claude Monet as tribute, finally together with black shoes and blue lake inside as an ornament. 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This Asics GT-II Dark blue, Lime and White will arrive at retailers for this month and it's also set in fresh the summer months color. Nike free runs come with a suede material that is determined in navy color. It also has nylon uppers with some lime green accents that are detailed to the inner lining and the actual Arches. Its midsole, the actual tongue badge, and the embroidery on the heel are done around white. The outsole made from rubber is set around navy and lime. There are numerous special retailers online though you could check out this trainer pair with. What would you think of these? Great, don??t you think? These comes another Nike SB Stefan Janoski. Here the simple truth is another future release to the said shoe model containing made its way recently towards net. But this occasion around, they are with a classic color scheme for any Nike model. They move on considering the current run of Janoski being the single most famed styles of original nike free runs.. It useful in the combination associated with suede and leather. Can Mens Nike Free Run+ 3 Be So Popular" /〉 I like this article,and it's from although there is no modification of the three bar, but this paragraph is really from ADI banner. Recently, designed by Ransom Adidas Originals Bluff Mid CS black color shoes listed for sale, this shoe body with the top of the black leather, all do not see Adidas traces, just have Ransom brand logo and the relief of the ankle and the tongue. And the sole use of the different rubber soles, shoes overall contrast sense.. This section is now on sale in the United States, the price of 130 U. S. dollars, like a friend, do not miss. , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, Jordan, Fly, Wade, Wade, exclusive shoes, Converse 2011, spring Road, trip series comments on last article: Jordan Fly Wade Wade exclusive shoes next: Converse 2011 spring Road trip seriesJordan Clarkson - Russell Westbrook - Andrew Dwiggins - adidas Manu Ginobili -The Converse Chuck frenzy engraved Taylor All Star 1970s, in addition to the various big coffee joint, also launched a new color, the "Jade Green" is one of the green shoes Star 1970s shoes retro All collocation, will attract many fans to panic buying. The shoes are now available at the designated shop. The opening ceremony the pursuit of innovation of international sports brand Adidas hee Live held in Beijing Wukesong Sports experience Adidas Mini brand center. Through the traditional retail stores and sports experience as one, to create sports enthusiasts better interactive space, and actively convey the Adidas brand "I created" movement concept. The new store design, both sports and fashion concept, for young people in the capital to bring innovative sports and shopping experience. Mini brand center address selection in Wukesong bloomage Live the young people and the trend of sports leisure culture build-up experience Adidas, shop area of 1700 square meters, including Adidas's core sports series, outdoor and children, walking in the forefront of fashion clover products series. The two floor of the future store will offer a variety of interactive sports experience and training courses for sports enthusiasts, aiming to promote more elite products and sports ideas to consumers, and stimulate the creative sports culture of the whole people. opening ceremony, Grand Slam doubles, the highest ranked first in the world, China women's tennis star Peng Shuai, the new generation of Kung Fu idol, Adidas spokesman Wu pole series Jacky Heung surprise appearance, and field sports enthusiasts enthusiasm interaction, and is responsible for the global sales of the Adidas executive board member Roland Auschel, Mr. Adidas Greater China director general manager Gao Jiali (Colin Currie) Mr. Xiao Jiale, senior vice president of Adidas sales channel management (Adrian Siu), chairman of Mr. Wu Bangzhi Mr. Baosheng international and Bao Sheng International CEO Mr. Li Shaowu together for the Adidas sports center opening Mini brand experience. is responsible for the global sales of the Adidas executive board member Roland Mr. Auschel at the opening ceremony said: "Adidas as a global leader in the sports brand, China has been regarded as one of the most important market, I hope will be the best exercise experience to consumers Chinese. Innovation is one of the key factors for our success, and this Adidas sports experience Mini brand center also embodies our innovative spirit, which brings the best sports experience to consumers." "Colin, Currie, managing director of Adidas Greater China, said:" Adidas is a very popular sport brand in the Chinese market. We hope to become China's best sports brand in 2020 through the "I created" brand strategy. we successfully used a variety of retail strategy to meet the different needs of consumers, the choice of the sports enthusiasts gathered in Beijing city's first opening Adidas Mini brand experience center, but also hope that through this new retail concept has been to bring better support our customers experience." The opening ceremony began with the 50 sports enthusiasts' dynamic cycling field, which took the lead to show the enthusiasm and sports charm for the guests. It is worth mentioning that, as a professional athlete, women's tennis star Peng Shuai also to the field sports enthusiasts 〉20100904124714.jpg (73.43 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-9-4 15:03 upload 20100904124403_1_.jpg (82.72 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-9-4 15:03 upload 20100904124403_2_.jpg (75.65 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-9-4 15:03 upload 20100904124403_3_.jpg (52.33 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-9-4 15:03 upload 20100904124403_4_.jpg (57.61 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-9-4 15:03 upload 20100904124403_5_.jpg (66.69 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-9-4 15:03 upload 20100904124403_6_.jpg (45.99 KB, download number: 0) Download of 〉 Adidas Running in the start this year's harvest extraordinary record, the new NMD with the bursting of the popular Ultra Boost continuation of the popular series, has been on sale a few color is a shoe to the fiery situation. 0.jpg (201.33 KB, download number: 3) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-29 17:26 upload recently exposed a new color more, in addition to black and red suede for version, and the new navy blue and gray color two pairs of non Primeknit upper appearance. today brings real exposure more new color, the Adidas NMD Mid help version adds a color black and white stripes, and a low shoe type Primeknit and non Primeknit version of the new color appearance. It seems the next NMD of the sale will be very rich, as the series of fans, you only need to do is to get ready for your wallet! 1.jpg (104.21 KB, download number: 1) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-29 17:26 upload 2.jpg (96.88 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-29 17:26 upload 3.jpg (86.78 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-29 17:26 upload